Get your pilot’s license

at LIFT AIR Flight School in Sarasota, FL!

It’s never been easier to realize your dream of becoming a pilot.

At LIFT AIR, our fleet of new Cirrus aircraft are equipped with Garmin Perspective, glass cockpit avionics, air conditioning and many more amenities. Let us personalize your flight training experience as we focus on training you using real-life scenarios.

Learn to fly Cirrus, the safest, most capable and advanced aircraft.


Your flight training at LIFT AIR will be based on real life scenarios. The FAA has labeled this as “Scenario Based Training.” This type of intensive flight training has moved away from antiquated teaching methods and implements innovative training methods that prepare you to be a pilot who can handle any situation that may occur during flight.

Our unique scenario based training will make you the best pilot you can be and our flight simulator training reduces overall training costs. The safest pilot is the prepared pilot – the simulator will prepare you for real world challenges and extreme weather conditions without real world consequences.


With an advanced IFR training course you will become an instrument rated pilot, allowing you to fly even if the weather conditions are not ideal.

Our busy airspace is ideal for providing comprehensive training that builds confidence in your abilities for flying in real instrument conditions. LIFT AIR teaches the Garmin Perspective Avionics and ensures you master the Perspective’s Auto Pilot System. LIFT AIR’s instructors are IFR experts that teach a thorough curriculum based on comprehensive instruction.


LIFT AIR offers VFR Cirrus Transition Training Courses to our new customers who are already pilots in any capacity. These flight and ground school courses will teach you the Cirrus Aircraft fundamentals.

Advanced IFR Training
LIFT AIR offers this course to instrument rated pilots that have not flown a Cirrus in instrument conditions. You will master the Garmin Perspective Avionics suite and learn how to utilize the automation and vast information this system is capable of.

Recurrent Annual Proficiency
LIFT AIR’s goal is to create the safest most capable pilots. Our annual proficiency checks are offered to our pilots at a discounted rate and will keep you constantly updated and informed.

LIFT AIR’s flight instructors are factory trained Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIP) with years of experience and knowledge. Our instructors are FAA part 141 flight school graduates with 4 year degrees that are here to build an interactive relationship with you and ensure all your training needs are met on your schedule and time frame.

CTC – CIRRUS TRAINING CENTER & FLIGHT SCHOOL Cirrus Aircraft’s Flight Training Department specializes in providing flight education in all Cirrus aircraft models. Train with experienced flight instructors who teach exclusively in Cirrus and are amongst the most experienced Cirrus instructors on the planet.


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