What if you could skip the hassle of driving and fly directly from Sarasota to any other airport in the state?

She realized once her flight students became licensed pilots, they could get anywhere in Florida and the surrounding states in a fraction of the time. Their pilot’s license gave them more mobility, spontaneity, and independence than everyone else.

But they shouldn’t have to become a pilot to get that type of freedom, thought Kristin. And she made it her mission to bring private, FAA 135 chartered flights to Sarasota.

Lift Air is the realization of Kristin’s dream to open the first FAA 135 charter service in Sarasota.  Our luxury Cirrus fleet provides the highest standard of comfort and safety, and offers you unprecedented freedom to get where you want--when you want.

Why LIFT Air?

As Lift Air’s premier pilot, Kristin is the first and only charter pilot in Sarasota to be CSIP Certified (Platinum Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot). With over 30 years of flying experience, she is one of the most advanced and respected pilots in the state of Florida.

You’re protected. As an FAA Approved Part 135 Charter Service, Lift Air has the highest level of governmental oversight and regulation. This provides assurance and safety to our pilot and our passengers. If you’re considering a flight service other than Lift Air, make sure you compare us with another FAA Part 135 operation. (A Part 91 facility is not the same.)

Read more about the safety standards of Lift Air.

Since we opened, LIFT Air has saved our clients thousands of hours, offering them unprecedented luxury and convenience through chartered Cirrus flights from Sarasota. 

  • Choose service to and from nearly any airport in Florida

  • Depart and Arrive on your schedule
  • Receive free parking at our main office at Retrix

  • Relax in our fleet of best-in-class Cirrus SR22T, SR22, and SR20 airplanes

  • Enjoy the trip in air-conditioned comfort
  • Experience significant savings compared to private jet charters

Private, chartered flights gives you the lifestyle you want. More freedom. More mobility. More independence. It’s like having your own private plane.

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